Tailor Your Vehicle to Your Needs

Shop our accessories and more in Lafayette, LA

Do you want your vehicle to stand out from every other model on the lot? Accessories are the best way to give your vehicle the look you want. Plus, you can improve your comfort with the right additions.

Innovative Designs sells a wide range of auto accessories from our shop in Lafayette, LA. You can switch out your floor mats, add colorful auto lighting features, and also haul your items securely with the addition of one of our bed covers. Explore your accessory options today to find what you're looking for.

Upgrade Your Car Affordably

Start with aftermarket window tinting in Lafayette, LA

You want to upgrade your vehicle, but the price tag for your project might make you reconsider. Luckily, you can still take advantage of a wide range of upgrades at Innovative Designs in Lafayette, LA.

We feature services such as window tinting and auto leveling at aftermarket prices. That means we source the parts for your project from somewhere other than the original manufacturer. You'll get the same top-notch parts but without the higher costs. Learn more about aftermarket services today by calling 337-212-2382.